Dubai Creek Harbour (Lagoon)

Dubai Creek Harbour (Lagoon)

Dubai Creek Harbour ,Dubai Creek Harbour (Lagoon)   DUBAI ,CREEK HARBOUR ,The LAGOON

A brand Dubai Creek Harbor Lagoon new project from Emaar houses, Dubai Creek Harbour might be both a financially possible and ecologically responsible city built with future generations in mind. Presenting the quality infrastructure, it’s miles, an area wherein human beings will live, work and play, a community where households can attain their aspirations for generations to come back.

While today’s Dubai is understood for its superlatives — the tallest building, the most important mall, the best standards of luxury—the town of the next day will cross past those to end up a version for destiny worldwide towns. Rivers and oceans have had a prime impact on many towns round the world, with waterfront trends commanding a top class on price. Dubai Creek Harbour, will extend the town’s coronary heart, enabling sustainable growth and reconnecting it to its roots.

Dubai Creek Harbour challenge sits abreast of Ras Al Khor wildlife Sanctuary, which has sheltered around 450 animal species inside its 620 hectares for 1 / 4-century. As Dubai Creek Harbour develops, this sanctuary will continue to be sacrosanct, with a new traveler centre bringing a message of sustainable biodiversity to new generations.

Dubai Creek Harbour might be each a financially possible and ecologically accountable city, built with future generations in mind, the use of every innovation to minimise its environmental impact. This international-elegance development will offer fantastic perspectives of the creek and Dubai skyline.

Planned on an open website online, Dubai Creek Harbour will integrate the town with the herbal contours of the creek. With no legacy ties to infrastructure, this new Dubai will leapfrog a few of the international’s different international towns. The masterplan is an order of value larger than Downtown Dubai and could help its commercial and cultural improvement. The vicinity encompasses commercial districts connected by way of leisure trends that enlarge into in addition, residential neighbourhoods and parks with a purpose to ensure Dubai competes with the world.

Emaar and Dubai are protecting invite you to register your hobby in purchasing costly houses in Dubai Creek Harbour on the Lagoons, a global class improvement with stunning views of the creek and the Dubai skyline.

Dubai Creek Harbour is a town of the future, a completely unique hub, which respects the tradition and climate of Dubai. Supplying the first-class infrastructure, it is a place in which people can stay, paintings and play in concord with nature, a community in which households can attain their aspirations for generations to come the citizens of Dubai Creek Harbour will enjoy the following advantages:

• Being part of an included blended-use improvement that meets all the comfort desires of its residents

• Residing in a crucial vicinity with close proximity to Dubai airport, Downtown Dubai and old Dubai

• Circle of relatives lifestyles in an thrilling enjoyment vacation spot with a big range of latest retail

reports no longer currently located some place else in Dubai

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The area has no longer been open to the general public for some time but it’s been introduced a new food outlet is to open on the first weekend in January.

Named The Terrace, traffic can have the threat to experience a relaxing and today’s café open on weekends only.

The wider space is described as a “serene location” with perspectives of Downtown Dubai and the Burj Khalifa. The Terrace is surrounded via the herbal beauty of the 25-year-old Ras Al Khor flora and fauna Sanctuary – which has around 450 animal species on its 620 hectares.

Site visitors can take gain of the lovely panoramic views of the metropolis’s skyline, some distance far from the hustle and bustle of Dubai.


Dubai Creek Harbour ,Dubai Creek Harbour (Lagoon)   DUBAI ,CREEK HARBOUR ,The LAGOONS
Phase 1: ISLAND DISTRICT – These six waterfront, residential towers adorn Dubai Creek Harbour’s promenade, boasting a fine array of 1,2,3 bedroom apartments that have been designed with the upmost exclusivity to match their regal surroundings on the Island District.

Encircled by yacht clubs, pools, a world-class marina, retail podium and a boulevard glowing with activity, Dubai creek residences will become your new marina lifestyle and urban habitat.

Available Inventory from the previous launches.

Please note in the first phase there are total 6 towers out of them 4 are already launched and the remaining 2 towers we are launching on the 24th of this month.

S. NoApartment NumberTypeAreaPrice
1South T3 15042 Bedroom1585on req

Anticipated completion – 31-03-2018

*All Details and Prices in this communication are subject to availability and may change without notice .

Payment Plan:

Ins NoNet AmountNet PercentageCompletionTerm Date
1202,78910%1st InstallmentSale Date
2202,78910%2nd Installment25-07-2015
3202,78910%3rd Installment25-11-2015
4202,78910%4th Installment25-03-2016
5202,78910%20% Construction05-05-2016
6214,08910%40% Construction05-12-2016
7202,78910%60% Construction05-04-2017
10608,36730%100% Construction31-03-2018

*All Details and Prices in this communication are subject to availability and may change without notice .

Note – 4% of the purchase price+AED 3000 will be paid with 1st down payment for Land registration.*All Details and Prices in this communication are subject to availability and may change without notice .


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