Nshama Town Square

Nshama Town Square is a high class residency built by the prestigious and well known Nshama

group right in the heart of the city of Dubai. Nshama group is a real estate brand that has

established itself well in Dubai with some extraordinary real estate projects such as Nshama

Town Square, which is numbered amongst the top and most luxurious projects that Dubai has

ever seen. Offering great facilities and luxury to its residents, the Nshama group is all set to

offer the residents of Dubai world class communities that have been created by the blend of

smartness and sophistication. Apart from providing the basic amenities that are essential for

leading a good lifestyle but also provide a thriving and luxurious range of health centers, retail

stores, malls, play areas, cafes, educational institutions, community parks and lots more. The

community offered by the Nshama group is trendy and is built upon the concept of sustainable

development. It offers its customers the liberty to choose from variety of houses. You are open

to choose from villas, pent houses town houses or home apartments. Irrespective of what kind

of home you select for yourself you are destined to experience the luxury of world class

amenities all at your doorstep. If you are in search of a pent house that offers you all facilities of

lavish green pastures, open spaces, party halls, lavish dinner settings and best entertainment

that can make you laugh till your stomach aches, then you are at the right place. Your search

has ended. You need not look any further and be at the Nshama Town Square.

The Nshama group has now announced the launch of another tower Jeena within the Town

Square community which further shall enhance this mega development plan to further

accommodate more residents of Dubai. The Jeena forms a part of the Nshama’s 31 million

square feet project of the Town Square which is already of the huge size of 16 football fields.

The starting price of two bedroom apartments is from Dhs 749,888. The sales for this project

will begun by September fifth at the sales centre of the Town Square in Downtown Dubai.

Nshama’s CEO Fred Durie says that since Town Square has been launched, there are people

who are eagerly awaiting the launch of residential buildings that are in the main square. Jeena

offers premium houses in town square with a fundamental approach of delivering affordable

places with the motto of live life at your own price. All in all, the Nshama Town Square has to

offer to the people of Dubai around 3000 town houses and a total of around 18000 apartments.

This whole plan has been stated to be a 10 year development with 3000 units to be launched

every year. The investors have also shown interest in the building of the complex and it shall

include Safi and Zahra complexes and the town houses of Hayat and Zahra.

The town square has been set across 750 acres of land and has taken into its hold all retail

units, entertainment channels as well as commercial units.

The residential units include a mixture of three and four bedroom apartments and town

houses. The project has been clubbed together with the development of paved running tracks,

gymnasiums and skate board parks, areas for children to play and much more.

The CEO of the Nshama group says that they have been building apartments to meet the

growing demands of the middle income group while also keeping up their vision of bringing

transformation in the lifestyle of Dubai and new choices for the people.

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